Sunday, July 24, 2016

MLP - MultiLingual Programming Language full localization is finally here

There two great news for MLPL users.

First thanks to the help and hard work of my friend and colleague Ivan Stamenković the newly finished MLPL web site has beautiful modern design. You can access the site here. On the web site you can download the latest implementation of MLPL interpreter for all supported platforms. You can also find the comprehensive documentation of the MLPL. Now all the information you need regarding MLP can be found on the web site.

Second the new version of MLPL is finally finished. New 0.3.0 version which finally brings full localization has been completed. In this version, besides keywords, all messages returned by the MLPL interpreter have been localized. Now users are not only able to write code on the language of their choice all the messages they receive while they code is being executed will be in their chosen language.

I am hopeful that these latest improvements and resources will greatly increase the effort new users need to invest in MLPL and help kids start coding faster.

If you wish to build MLPL yourself or contribute to the project he code is available on GitHub.