Thursday, May 5, 2016

MLPL - MultiLingual Programming Language version 0.2.0 is out

This last couple of weeks have been busy for me. Trying to organize a repo of MLPL and make life easier for potential contributors, speaking with one of my friends about the design for the web site.

But I managed to add a little bit of new functionality to MLPL that was lacking. As I wrote in the previous post MLPL started as a close copy of TINY. What TINY and previous version of MLPL lacked was string support. Only type that you can use in your code was integer.

Integers are still the only type that you can manipulate with MLPL, and that probably won't change for a while, but I added support for printing string. Now you can print a message in you code before you request an input from user. You can also print a message prior to printing the result of your computation.

I hope this will greatly increase the usefulness of MLPL as a teaching tool.

There is still a lot of work before we reach version 1.0. Some features need to be added and some bug I discovered need to be fixed. But that will have to wait until I complete a website which will allow users to download an interpreter and get documentation on the language.

Hopefully you will not have to wait for long.