Monday, April 25, 2016

MLPL - MultiLingual Programming Language version 0.1.0 is published.

Multilingual Programming Language, MLPL, is envisioned as an introductionary programming language for children.

A problem with majority of programming languages in use today is that they require some knowledge of an English language and alphabet. Children from non-English speaking countries therefore have a higher barrier for entry than children whose native language is English.

Idea behind MLPL is to create an interpreter for a language with very simple syntax that can be easily localized. A programmer would beside source code file provide a file that contains all the keywords localized to programmer's native language. Thus, children from non-English speaking countries can start programming at much earlier age.

I created MLPL with hope to enable kids to start to learn programming as soon as they are able to read and write in their language. This also enable kids to make their own language and write code in it. The 0.1.0 version is the first version available to public. There are still a lot of work ahead.

This version on MLPL is a very close replica of TINY programming language developed by Kenneth C. Louden and available on TINY didn't have some features that I would like to include into MLPL, like printing string messages, and had some features that I would like to change, semicolon is not allowed on the last instruction of the block.

Besides this I need to create a web site where people can download a built version of the MLPL interpreter for their operating system as well as get documentation on writing programs using MLPL.

All feedback from you are also highly welcomed. I am hoping MLPL will help kids start their journey so if you have ideas on how I can improve MLPL please let me know. Or better yet clone the official repo and start contributing.

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